metaformTools movie from studio 7.5

Metaform Portfolio™ by Herman Miller is a universal operating system suited to support a wide variety of professions and work styles. In observing todays work styles across a wide range of professions we found that beside using universal tools like computers and laptops people are typically also surrounded by physical artifacts, which either are the content of their work, essential tools and instruments of their profession or an inspirational spacial texture for their memories. In order to provide for all kinds of professional needs metaformTools allow to effortlessly customize the workplace in ways that were not possible before.

We think of metaformTools as specific Apps based on the Metaform OS. By using additive manufacturing even very particular needs can be answered quickly: the tools are 3D printed according to each individual request. A wide variety of materials, colors and textures allow to further customize the order. If users have the capability to 3D print themselves, they can download the geometry and materialize the product locally. provides the platform and community to exchange ideas around use cases and tools with the potential to launch individual collections for other Metaform users.