Metaform Portfolio Matrix

Metaform Portfolio consists of a series of modules which can be mixed and matched to suit users’ needs. Metaform Blocks, the main components of the furniture system, are made from a versatile material, expanded polypropylene (EPP), which is used in everything from safety gear to high-end automobile components. It is exceptionally light-weight, each block weighing in at around 9kg, allowing office-workers (or even children) to safely and easily move and adjust modules. Through an extensive development process, Studio 7.5 refined EPP to create an aesthetically pleasing surface that doesn’t require a finish and is nearly effortless to maintain.

Metaform is not only a partition system, but also offers storage in innovative ways: an
amphitheatre-like staggered structure allows users to display their belongings in a space-saving
vertical manner, almost like a real life computer desktop. Through slot-in elements such as
shading screens, employees have more autonomy over their level of privacy or integration while
working. The modules can be rearranged at a moment’s notice, for instance if a spontaneous
meeting takes place. Studio 7.5 has also come up with MetaformTools, a means of 3D printing
customised add-on elements to attach to the Blocks, such as hooks or cup-holders, to meet
individual needs. One can either order the Tools from Studio 7.5 directly over their web shop, or
purchase and download the files to print at home. This allows creative users to potentially hack
the tool designs to adapt them for new purposes.

With Metaform Portfolio, Studio 7.5 leaves users room to play. As creativity in the workplace is now more
desirable than ever, it makes sense to allow the working environment to evolve, constantly
changing and rebalancing itself as an independent ecosystem. Metaform offers a blank canvas
which should inspire users to innovate, and not just replicate.

Metaform Portfolio™ by studio 7.5 for Herman Miller component matrix